22 January 2011

q&a: Pomatoma-shrug

Hey all, this is the Q & A page for my Pomatoma-shrug project (Ravelry link). It's gotten a lot of hits lately from being mentioned on a couple blogs (OMG!) and I've also gotten a lot of questions, most around some common themes. I'm going to start replying directly with short answers, and leave it up to the inquisitive ones to find more in-depth answers here.

Will you please put up a full complete pattern? I would love to make this!

First of all, thanks for liking my project so much! I love Ravelry and this whole feedback system is what's keeping my needles occupied and busy. :)

Unfortunately, for me, knitting is just a side hobby (a BIG hobby, but still just a hobby). A proper pattern takes a HECK of a lot of time and this one especially would be HUUUGE. I’d much prefer to spend my “craft time” knitting new things and so a real proper professional pattern is not anywhere on my radar.

That being said, I do like talking about general construction and even sometimes specific details. I intend to do something along these lines with my Pomatoma-shrug and hope that there will be enough info for adventurous or experience knitters to create their own versions. If you'd like to know when these notes are available, please leave a "let me know!" comment on my Ravelry project page and I'll be sure to PM you when they're up.

Ummm... Ok... So when WILL these notes be available?

I'm working on it!


  1. Your shrug is brilliant. I love and admire the innovation here. Even like the quality and colour. Most of my knitting gets a personal twist. Absolute work of art. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you so much! I find that things hardly ever fit out of the box so, like yourself, everything ends up getting tweaked and personalized. :)

  2. Must agree with Sue Beatty. Love it, Love it, Love it. You have inspired me to leave my computer and pick up my knitting!